DSLR Rigs Kit Sniper 2.0



O Kit DSLR SNIPER 2.0 da Wondlan é uma boa opção para equipar a sua DSLR com acessórios e gravar vídeos de nível profissional, com um sistema de montagem de tripé modular que inclui matte box móvel, follow-focus com engrenagem, punho superior, placas DSLR, gaiola de suporte e braçadeiras de haste de montagem rápida

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Matte Box
Wondlan launches the latest high-quality matte box, with more functions and higher performance price ratio

1. The surface of flags and inside of main body adopt no light spray workmanship inside the lense of military collimator

2. It is designed uniquely with swing-away function, which is helpful for changing lenses

3. All the three detachable flags are made from aerometal material, which can be detached and fixed easily and quickly. One can adjust top flag and side flags manually, besides,the patent design of bayonets on the side flag solves the problem of its easy come-off in any matte boxes all over the world
4. The front dia. is 245mm-160mm; the back dia. is 140mm; distance between front and back is 115mm. Suiting for 16:9 screen and wide-angle lens and providing 4 rubber gaskets (suitable for lenses with diameter of 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 103mm )
5. Offering universal rotating filter grooves and it is available to insert two 4*4 or 4×*5.65 filter frames with two 4x4 and 4x5.65 filters, besides,the filter frame is rotatable, which is convenient for fixing PL filter
6. The design of quick release is suitable with 15mm diameter rail(International standard) and one can adjust the height of matte box quickly and widely to closely meet the position of all kinds of lenses



Standard accessories

Follow Focus

(1) Follow Focus

The unique design of damp, soft touch and accurate focus make our Follow Focus outstanding in the professional market.

(2) Ring belt

It can adapt to 110mm lens at most

(3) Focus hand handle (focus lever)

You can focus drastically to make an effect of nervous



Optional accessories

flexible shaft

Exclusive in China. It’s made by the special materials which are with high strength and super flexibility. The materials are imported abroad. TheFollow Focus Finder can rotate with the use of the whip. Whip can be used by the follow focus staff as well as operated by the cameraman. The cameraman can focus at the left, right or extend to any other position. The whip enlarges the operation limits of the follow focus finder vastly.



3.Support system

(1) front handle

Designed according to the human engineering. It can be adjusted to a most comfortable position according to the different figures.

(2) upper handle

The upper handle solves the problem of shooting at low angles. The exclusive rapid unfold function is good for the rapid lens changing while shooting.

(3) the platform

The platform can adjust to the front, back, left, right, up and down to meet the lens and cameras of all sizes.

(4) gunstock

Precision work by CNC, the perfect match of aluminum alloy outer skin and top grade soft pad. It can exceed vastly to the counter product no matter the appearance or the comfort indext.

(5) battery base

The base can be overturned neatly. Turning upward can shorten the distance to connect the wires much conveniently. Turning down can be a prop for the shoulders and lighten the weight of your hands.



optional accessories


7 inch HD screen

Dimensions of the screen  

display screens TFT LCD 7inch 1152000 Pixels
Pixel 800×480(1,152,000),1920X1440 at the most
Colour model PAL-4.43 NTSC-3.58
Multi-languages menu English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese.
Screen ratio 16:9
contrast ratio 500:1
luminance 300cd/m2
Viewable Angle 50/70(上/下),70/70(左/右)
VGA input H:30-60KHZ, V:60-75HZ
HDMI input 1
Video input 0.7~1.4Vp-p/75Ω
accompanying sound output 250mW/8Ω
input voltage DC 11-13V
watt consumption 6W
Dimensions 188(L)*129(W)*40(H)
working temperature 20~55℃
Preserve temperature 30~65℃


Magic Hand Grip 

The grip can be used on 15mm rod and anywhere with its forceps holder. It can adjust the angle to any position and lock rapidly.







Name: Standard 1
Package: Aluminum box
Inc: front handle, upper handle, gunstock, matte box, follow focus, platform

FREE: flexible shaft

Name: Standard 2
Package: Aluminum box
Inc: front handle, gunstock, matte box, follow focus, platform




Name: Standard 3
Package: Aluminum box
Inc: upper handle, matte box, follow focus, platform


Name: Standard 4
Package: Aluminum box
Inc: front handle, upper handle,(double C type arm) gunstock, matte box, follow focus, platform
FREE: flexible shaft


Standard 1


Standard 2


Standard 3


Standard 4



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