Flash de Estúdio wireless 680A (680watts)



Flash de estúdio NICE wireless 680 watts c/ tempo de reciclagem de carga 0.1-5.5s. bateria Li-ion 12V - 6.000mAh, distância de operação 100m em 2.4GHz e lâmpada de modelagem LED 5 Watts (5600K de temperatura de cor).

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NEW wireless/remote N-Flash

A powerful, professional studio flash that goes anywhere

   * no power cords
   * no cables
   * no tethering

Specially designed for light-weight, mobile, wireless lighting

  • Built for hand-held or mobile use (no power or camera connection necessary)
  • Li-ion light-weight battery (quick-change for extended use)
  • Speedy charging and recycle times
  • High flash count per battery charge
  • Provides also extremely high-speed multiple flashes.
  • Built-in remote triggering
  • Built-in studio modeling lamp
  • Attaches to most popular professional light modifiers, softboxes, diffusers, etc..
  • Travels nicely in its own aluminum case
  • Several power models from which to choose
...and more

Customer rating

  "The N-flash is the perfect flash for my outdoor or location group or single portraits. The hand grip provided enables my assistant to quickly move and aim light where desired... rapidly providing quality light at my request and in any direction. I use the model #280A for my portraits."
-- Dave Newman: popular author and PPA Master of Photography USA, SWPP Fellow, UK

  "Another super feature in creating stunning commercial interior photographs, is by "painting" with light. N-Flash allows me to move around within the scene,while the cameraremains on a tripod, thenpopping light into the areas where additional illumination is needed,providing multiple exposures for digital production."
-- Dave Newman: popular author and PPA Master of Photography USA, SWPP Fellow, UK


Model n flash 280A n flash 480A n flash 680A
Output power 280ws 480ws 680ws
GN 36 56 68
Recycling time 0.1-3s 0.1-4.5s 0.1-5.5s
Power range 7 f-stop (1/64-1/1)
MULTI times 5,10,15,20,25 times
Frequency 1,2,……10 times/sec.
Li-ion battery 12V-2000mAh 12V-6000mAh
Power source Interchangeable & memoryless battery
Flash times (full power) 1/1:280 times,
FP:21000 times
1/1:680 times,
FP:38000 times
1/1:500 times
Battery-charging time 3 hours 6 hours
Battery charging way Plug-in charging type
Protection device Overheating protection
Triggering way 100m, with inner 2.4GHz remote control
Optical slave distance 15m, ON/OFF
Modeling bulb 5W LED light, 5600K
Buzz Yes (ON/OFF)
Color temperature 5500K±200K
Highspeed flash duration FP-1/11000s, F2-1/9000s, F3-1/6000s, F4-1/4000s, F5-1/2000s



    1. Light head = 1pc, with battery and lampshade reflector,
    2. Al-case strap = 1pc,
    3. n flash private strap = 1pc,
    4. 2.4GHz 16 channels transmitter = 1pc,
    5. Al-case = 1pc.

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